New Zealand Swale Family Reunion, 2006

Wanted. We have photos of Mary Ann Curtis; but none of Thomas her husband, or of Ralph and Jane Bonar. Who can help with these?

We also need stories of their lives. Who has memorabilia from them?

But, also see below !!

Added on 11 December 2005
My Aunt Ivy (Neta) Stanton told me that when she and new husband Dwight went to the UK (London area) in about 1930 on their honeymoon and on Dwight's business, one day she took a bus down to Exeter and spent an afternoon with the two maiden sisters of Thomas and Ralph. She told me that she thought they were in their 80's, but in fact, census and other data reveal that they were actually in their 90's.

For that trip to be possible, there must have been a long history of exchanges of letters, Christmas cards, birthday cards, photographs. presents and the like. A correspondence spanning 60 and more years. Some of these items must have survived to the present day. Who has them? Can they be brought into the light of day for this re-union?

I also wrote that
"It would also be nice to have photos of other descendants of Ralph and Jane;"
There were none available for the web-site. But now there are. As at 14/12/2005, one magnificent photo courtesy of Sally Wheeley and Hamilton Swale, and on 16 December, June Hyde sent me some great photos that record vital people and events. These will be converted to digital images and put in place in the near future. June also mentioned that she has some very early correspondence. 17 December 2005
As at 4 January 2006, many of these are now available to be seen.
Remember that I asked :-
Who can supply photos of Jean Helen Couch (née Arthur) ( 1929 - 1961) ?

Well, I am very happy to report that Barry Couch sent me three nice shots of a certain lovely, smiling young lady. I had these printed at a photo shop, and they went to Neville and family in time for Christmas.
UPDATE; 4 January 2006; the photos are now live and can be accessed from the main Arthur page.
Howard Edward Arthur (1899 - 1967) was the 11th child of Harriet Swale and Thomas Arthur. He married Jessie Helen Batchelor (1900 - 1986)

They had Allan Howard Arthur ( 1926 - )
Bruce Thomas Arthur ( 1928 - ) and
Jean Helen Arthur ( 1929 - 1961)

Jean married Edward Rangi-Tawhio Couch ( 1926 - 1977) and they had

Lynette Helen Couch ( 1949 - )
Barry Edward Couch ( 1952 - )
Neville Keith Couch ( 1958 - )
Ivan Paul Couch ( 1958 - )
Neville does not remember his mother as he was only three years old when she died.
He has just ONE photograph of her. Just one. Who can help with more ??

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