The home of William and Mary Swale at Limehills.

If any house in New Zealand deserves the title of "Swale Hall"
like the one near Grinton in Yorkshire that so many New Zealand Swale family members have visited,
this one must be it. In the 1950s at least, set so distinctively facing the western sun with a backdrop of native bush,
this home caught the eye of every passer-by, who must have wondered which well-off farmer owned this magnificent mansion.
One has to hazard the guess that this well-proportioned, attractive and distinctive house is architect-designed.
Now, in 2006, the growth of trees between the house and the main road from Invercargill to Winton is so dense
that there is not even the slightest hint that this attractive home sits there.
Assuming that it is Sally and Robyn who stand so demurely in the foreground, the date must be set at about 1948.