John and Agnete Swale with some family, October/November 1938.

This photograph was a bit of a puzzle. But not any more. I have now been able to identify all those present
The photograph was taken in the "orchard" garden of Jim and May Swale's farm house at Dacre, in 1938.
John and Agnete Swale are in the centre row. Who is the baby? That was a puzzle.
Behind John is Amy Dorothea, according to her daughter Muriel (November 2005).
In the middle back row, it is Ivy (Stanton), who is holding Bruce,
according to Muriel, who was working for Ivy at the time.
Behind Agnete, according to Muriel, is Muriel. The girl in front is Valmai according to Muriel
Who is the baby with that distinctive head-shape? I am now sure it is me, the author, Brian Swale.
The date therefore has to be about the end of October or beginning of November, 1938.
The clues eventually came from a print that is the full version of this cropped image. In it are Dacre farm trees in the background that I was very familiar with as a child. Next, in the same packet of photos of my Mother's, clearly taken all on the same day and place, was a photo of Amy with the obviously new Dacre house clearly in the background, and Amy and her Mother Agnete were wearing precisely the same clothes and ornaments etc. as in this photo.
It could even have been a christening party; I'll have to check the date.
I was born a month premature, 5lb 8 oz, so Mother probably wanted to make sure all aspects of my future were taken care of.