John William (Jack) Swale and wife Martha Margaret, about 1939-40, with Jim and May.

(LEFT) John (Jack) William Swale, 1897 - 1976 and Martha Margaret (née Scott) 1895 - 1973
with Edith May ( née Cooper) 1914 - 1985 and James (Jim) Henry Swale 1904 - 1988.
Two brothers and their wives.
Photograph taken about 1940 at Waikiwi where John William and Agnete Marie Swale had retired, and the full print shows that John had a luxuriant vegetable garden. Later photographs, as their health began to fail, show the garden not so fine.
At this stage, Jack and Martha's children would be John William 18 years, Nancee Catherine Agnete 17 years,
Alan Archibald 15 years, Monica Phyllis 13 years, and Noel Ashworth 8 years old.
It would not be too long before the marriage broke apart.
Jim and May had just one young child (the author) aged about 15 months.
This photo is one of a series taken at Waikiwi, and about this time some taken at Dacre.