January 1962 reunion descendants of Ralph and Jane Swale.

And now the fine print.
Back row: Jane Gleeson, (later McKegg) daughter of B.I Gleeson (née Swale); Hamilton (WHJ) Swale, son of J H and Kathryn Swale; Sally Swale (later Wheeley) daughter of Bill and Mollie Swale; Erin Swale (later Tuckey) daughter of JB and M Swale; Robin Swale (later Hamilton) daughter of Bill and Mollie Swale; Kathryn Hazlett, née Swale, daughter of J.H.K Swale; Kathleen McLean (later Wells) and sister Joan McLean (later Sinclair) daughter of Ada, née Swale, and Ian McLean.

Middle row: Bonar Swale (BNRS) son of May and Jim (JBS); Barbara Isobel Gleeson née Swale, Tony (A.M.) Hyde (married to June Swale); J B (Jim) Swale, J.H (Jack) Swale; Gaynor Swale (later Jull) daughter of R & D Swale.

Front row: Ralph and Doris Swale holding Ralph Hyde (aged 3); Mollie Swale - widow of Bill Swale; May Swale, wife of J.B. (Jim) Swale holding a young Wills; Katie Swale, wife of J. H. (Jack) Swale and holding grandchild Angela Hazlett; young Simon Wills, Margaret Wills ( née Kean) daughter of Eileen Kean (née Swale) and Martin Kean; June Hyde (married to Tony Hyde of the middle row) daughter of Ralph and Doris Swale, and holding Jane Hyde.

Many thanks to June Hyde for providing this magnificent photograph.