Swale family (New Zealand) family gatherings and reunions - 1962, Centre Section.

Tentative identification as follows.
Back row (5th): James (Jim) Henry Swale (son of Thomas and Agnete Swale of Dacre),
Fourth row: Isobel Wardrop, Joan Morton, ?Dougal Swale, Jane Gleeson, later McKegg, d. of Barbara I. Gleeson; Doris Warburton, ? Jim Reid, Kathleen McLean - later Wills, unknown man, Kathryn Hazlett (née Swale) d. of JH & K Swale; one of the Warburton girls
Third row: Erin Swale (later Tuckey) d. of JB & M Swale; Robin Swale, Jean McLean (later Sinclair), ?Doris Swale, unidentified woman, Esther McLennan, Alex Walker, unidentified woman
Second row: Ivy Neta Stanton (née Swale) (ex Thomas and Agnete), Ralph Swale, Dorothy Walker (née Swale) holding Prue Taylor as baby, Florence Swale, Mary Leith (née Sutherland), Elizabeth Gordon.
Front row: Gwen Murray (later Wood) - ( dau. of Freda & Bill Murray in the far right photo), Peter Taylor, grandson of Dorothy and Alex Walker; Gordon Thomas Wardrop; James Swale Wardrop; unidentified boy friend of the Wardrops,   girl (see next page).

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