Swale family (New Zealand) family gatherings and reunions - 1962, Far-right section.

Tentative identification as follows.
Fourth (back) row: one Warburton girl, Murdoch Taylor (husband of Marie); Marie Taylor (dau. of Dorothy & Alex Walker); Doris Warburton, unidentified 20 year-old male. unidentified 26 year-old male with black hair
Third row: possibly Mavis Valli, Marjorie Tisbury, Gladys Reid* ( née Bell ), Freda Murray (née Sampson), (dau. of Amy Swale), Jeanette Murray (later Kupfer, later Sinclair), dau. of Freda; Bill Murray, husband of Freda.
Second row: Margaret Wills ( née Kean ) holding baby, June Hyde holding baby, Jack Swale, Gaynor Swale ( later Jull ) dau. of R&D Swale holding somebody else's baby, Doris Swale.
Front row: Janeece Blair (Crosbie, now Cournane, Invercargill), daughter of Thelma Blair (nee Watson), Bonar Swale holding baby, 6 year-old boy, Russell Murray - son of Freda and Bill (see above), Heather Jean Wardrop, Ken Morton.

Please email Brian Swale if you can provide any identification or correction.

* Gladys Reid got to work on the Swale genealogy after this event. Between 1962 and her death in 1986, she put together a very impressive volume, all in her immaculate copper-plate writing, setting out the details of 485 Swale descendants of Thomas and Mary Ann.
Barely 6 weeks before the death of Gladys, Dorothy Walker (née Swale) - also at this re-union - passed a copy of this work to Brian Swale, and the result of working on it has grown to record the relationships of more than 1,500 individuals. ( Dorothy knew a sucker when she met one !! )
Peter Cross of Auckland, and Suzanne Shadbolt of Christchurch have also, and independently, created genealogies, and these have now to a large extent been combined.