Leith and Valli families, 1985.

Leith and Valli families on the occasion of the 90th birthday in 1985 of Mary Leith (Mary Jane Martha Sutherland)

Present in this photo are:-
Back row: Monique Valli (daughter of Heidi and Brian), Heidi Valli (married to Brian below), Timothy Valli (son of Selwyn and Roma), Dennis Valli (son of Heidi and Brian, 1967 - 20.2.2005), Ann-Marie Valli (dau. of Selwyn and Roma), Tony Valli (son of Selwyn and Roma), and Roma Valli nee Blake.
Front row: Brian Valli (2nd child of Mavis Leith and Patrick Valli, Mavis being the eldest dau. of Mary Leith), Patricia Valli (1934 - 1997) elder sister to Brian, Mavis Valli (Leith), Mary Leith (nee Sutherland) (1895 - 1989), Patrick Valli, married to Mavis, (parents of Patricia and Brian), Selwyn Valli, married to Roma.