Thomas and Harriet Arthur, with adult children.
Date unknown; say 1910, give or take a year or two.
Back row; Thomas John Arthur, b. 14/6/1882 at Woodlands, Southland (married Edith Pitt, 1905) and Harriet his mother
Seated, middle, Thomas Moore Arthur 24/2/1860 - 19/12/1934; born Catrine, Ayrshire.
Front row; Unknown, but likely candidates are Anthony (Tony) Ernest Arthur 6/3/1887 - 10/1955;
Evaline (Eva) Beatrice Arthur 10/2/1885 - 9/6/1925 (never married),
Mary Ann (Tottie) Arthur B Longbush, 13/10/1883 - , married Arthur Mills 1907;
Photo courtesy Sue Perry in west Sydney. Not forgetting the marvels of e-mail.