With special reference to freshwater

This page is a bibliography, or list of reference books, about (mainly) freshwater aquaculture, and the child page is a list of the publishers of these books and their addresses (and telephone and FAX numbers where I found them). The books range in complexity from extremely scientific and difficult to master, to straight-forward, hands-on manuals. Topics covered include, but are not confined to the following; fish farming, freshwater fish farming, freshwater aquaculture, fish, trout, salmon, seaweed, biology, crustacea, teleosts, mollusca, oysters, mussels, prawns, marron, yabbies, koura, eels, pond culture, net culture, crayfish, shrimps, finfish, carp, catfish, pathogens, diseases, toxic dinoflagellates, nutrition, breeding, bioeconomics, nutrients, seafood, plankton.


When the compiler of this bibliography worked with the Freshwater Fisheries Centre, (a part of MAF Fisheries New Zealand that was dissolved at the end of June 1992, and that used to primarily carry out freshwater research, and administration of freshwater statutes and provision of aquaculture information), he found that people wishing to become involved in aquaculture had great difficulty in discovering what aquaculture literature is available, and where to locate or obtain it. That this is so in New Zealand is scarcely surprising as aquaculture is uncommon in this country and many of the books are rare. Public libraries and bookshops frequently are of little assistance in obtaining a good idea of what might be available.

In providing primary information, partly to use his own time more efficiently, he compiled and dispensed a brief list of useful books that prospective aquaculturists might obtain. Then, in quick succession, four other aquacultural bibliographies appeared on the international scene about the end of 1991. These were not readily available within New Zealand, however. As the ending of the Freshwater Fisheries Centre clearly became a certainty, the decision was taken to compile a bibliography for freshwater aquaculture. (The Freshwater Fisheries Centre was incorporated within a Crown Research Institute (CRI) with the name National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)).

As this progressed, it soon became obvious that aquaculture information is not so easily compartmentalised according to the salinity or temperature of water, and the scope broadened. In any case, the great latitudinal range of New Zealand means that both cold water aquaculture and warm water aquaculture may be carried out in this country. Therefore, the bibliography now covers most aquaculture, except tropical aquaculture, and hobby-fish aquaculture.

Many books on aquaculture are very expensive, but some are surprisingly low-cost, and therefore to be all the more valued by aquaculturists working to a tight budget. I have given the expected price of each book where I have been able to find it, to aid people to decide on purchase.

Publishers of many of these books are little-known. I have included a list of publishers and their addresses to assist would-be purchasers, or their agents if they choose to use one, to assist making contact. Some booksellers use international brokers as their intermediaries to expedite purchase. The inclusion of any publisher in this list does not mean that that publisher will accept purchase requests direct; often they will redirect orders to their agents. However, many will deal direct, at a possible cost saving to the purchaser, so it may be worth investigating the options where expensive books are involved. The information is provided to assist. These days too, on-line booksellers may be worth a try.

It is my hope that this bibliography will help prospective or practicing aquaculturists carry out their business better and more profitably than without it. Other professions and businesses may also find it a useful sourcebook too.

If you find there are books you know of that I do not have in this list but which ought to be, I will be very grateful if you can e-mail me the details so that I can incorporate them. Everybody who uses this database will thus benefit. I no longer have any access to an aquaculture library and facilities.

Contact me here.

Brian Swale,
Christchurch July 1992. (Placed on the Internet, December 1998)


This bibliography, which is of books and similar separate publications (but not journal papers and the like), is in two parts; the list of books, and the list of their publishers and addresses.

The information given in the list of books, for each book or set, is as follows;

Person name(s)
Whether editor, compiler, translator. If author, this is left unstated
Date of publishing
Series notes
Publisher name abbreviation (amplified in the list of publishers)
Number(s) of pages
ISBN, ISSN, Library of Congress, or other reference number

The information given in the list of publishers is as follows;

Publisher name abbreviation (corresponds with that in the list of books)
Publisher name
Telephone number
Facsimile number
Name of sales agent
Address of sales agent
Telephone number of sales agent
Facsimile number of sales agent

How to use the information.

The bibliography is not coded, indexed or categorised.
To discover what it contains that might meet your needs, you should scan it from end to end. Also, many browsers have a "find" function that will help.

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Having made a short list of possibly useful books, you might wish to make an evaluation of them prior to initiating purchase action. To do this, check your local booksellers and libraries for what they have available, and when that fails to provide copies, contact the nearest library that can carry out Library Interloans of books, and endeavour to obtain a copy from within New Zealand that way.

If that fails, it may be possible to arrange an International Interloan.

Purchasing; since I put this page on the Internet, an online source of secondhand books has become available through international co-operation of second-hand booksellers.

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With special reference to freshwater


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