Sustainable, management of indigenous beech forest
for fine timber production and enhanced conservation
in the State Forests of the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand.

Timberlands West Coast Ltd. carefully planned for 10 years, at a cost of $3 million NZ, to begin innovative and world-leading forest management processes and techniques for sustainable production of fine timbers for furniture, and for enhanced conservation of threatened plants and wildlife. The newly-elected Labour government in December 1999, halted the environmental planning process. Thus began a vigorous debate in New Zealand on indigenous forest management.

I have involved in this debate for several months - so here is more contribution from me on this vital topic.

This is the Table of Contents of my pages on this topic. Two html versions of the one set of papers, divided into seven parts up to the references. See the new link to the West Coast Accord below. (22 April 2000)

  1. Dr Henrik Moller's comments on an important paper by Dr Colin O'Donnell. Version using tables to display two texts simultaneously side-by-side. Most browsers should manage this.
    This is the best version for printing from, unless you use "View source" and copy and paste to a text processor, which should work for the "frames" version (some versions of Netscape excluded; their "View source" facility does not allow copying).
  2. Dr Henrik Moller's comments on an important paper by Dr Colin O'Donnell. Version using frames, with tables versions included in case your browser can't cope. A very helpful display as above but with the added ability to slide the content on each side up or down to align with the relevant relational text opposite.
This paper is a very important peer review of an important paper written by an expert in birds and bats, Dr Colin O'Donnell. His field of expertise is not shared by many, but Dr Moller is right up there with the best, and has the advantage of probably a fuller understanding of forestry and sustainable forestry processes.

Dr Moller deals with statements and analysis by Dr O'Donnell of factors relating to the ecology of hole-using birds and bats; statements which, taken at face value, seemed to make it impossible to carry out their sustainable forestry plans.

The importance of these comments comes about from the potential influence of Dr O'Donnell's reasoning and writing. Dr Moller's analysis restores a balance of head over heart, a balance of facts and proper inference from those facts, relating them to the sustainable forestry proposals, and reveals misleading deductions which have the potential for significant political misuse.

This paper is not all posted here yet. The References (two lots) still have to be posted.

Download The West Coast Accord here,
re-typed from a photocopy. Takes much less time to download than the photocopy *.gif files do.

Download The New Zealand Forest Accord of 1991 here,

Other important papers are below.
  1. New Zealand Institute of Forestry's submission on the Forests (West Coast Accord) Bill 2000, written by Peter Allan.

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