Link to parts of draft DOC papers
prepared for Timberlands Environmental Court hearing.

Introduction to the papers.

The Department of Conservation had staff prepare papers for the December 1999 Timberlands Environmental Court hearing. They were never presented there, because the hearing was halted before they had the opportunity.

      Three such papers were obtained from DOC under the provisions of the Official Information Act. It is clear that even though they could have been required to be presented in a matter of only a few hours, the papers have all the hall-marks of draft documents.

Plants   here are parts of Philip Knightbridge's draft submission on plants.

Fish   here are parts of Philippe Gerbeaux's draft submission on freshwater fish.

Birds and bats   here are parts of Dr Colin O'Donnell's draft submission on birds and bats.

Please note. The complete documents, although released under the Official Information Act, are still under copyright to DOC. They have said (late February 2000) that they would publish them on the DOC Head Office web site. What is available here are parts of these documents, made available for private study and research. In some places there is comment provided to aid that study.