Sustainable, management of indigenous beech forest
for fine timber production and enhanced conservation
in the State Forests of the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand.

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Press releases issued and published at the end of 1999 and early 2000. Click on the bold/italic type.

  1. Seen in Scoop   The Forest Accord Shattered by Preservationists - Forest & Bird. by Brian Swale 8th February 2000
  2. Seen in Scoop   West Coast State Exotic Forests sold. by Brian Swale 7th March 2000
  3. Seen in Scoop   Modelling forests and Muddling politics. by Brian Swale 23 March 2000
  4. Seen in Scoop   Government's attitude to West Coasters - 'A gob-stopper for suckers'. by Brian Swale 3 April 2000
  5. Seen in Scoop   South Westland Rimu Forests: Truth continues to be the prime victim. by Brian Swale 4 May 2000
  6. Released   West Coast Offer: Money Won't Fix This Mess. by Dr Brendan Moyle 3 May 2000
  7. Released   NEW ZEALAND SCHOOL OF FORESTRY PRESS RELEASE: Impending Government decision on West Coast rimu forest management. by Prof. David Norton and Dr Euan Mason, 4 May 2000
  8. Released   Scientists Refute Government Spin-Campaign. by Dr Brendan Moyle 2 February 2000
  9. Released   Seven Facts about Sustainable Rimu Logging. by Ian James, Okarito, 3 May 2000
  10. Released   Retaining political power at any cost, is the indigenous forestry game. by Brian Swale 8 May 2000
  11. Broadcast   Environmental sustainability and just and rational government, or - Political survival regardless?. by Brian Swale 21 May 2000
  12. Released   Finland's Sustainable Indigenous Forest Management and Economy. A lesson for New Zealand. by Dr Graham Whyte, Christchurch, 22 May 2000
  13. Submitted   SUBMISSION To the Local Government and Environment Select Committee On the Forests (West Coast Accord) Bill by Brian Swale, Christchurch, 15 June 2000
    VERBAL SUBMISSION to the Select Committee, 12 July 2000.
  14. Released   An open letter to Pete and Nick - Reference to Waitutu forest - Southland. by Chris Perley, 22 June 2000
  15. Released   An open letter - Reference to Greens party Press Release distorting the facts about Okarito and Saltwater. by Chris Perley, 6 June 2000
  16. Released   Op-Ed article - Environmentalists Who are the Reactionaries? by Chris Perley, 24 January 2000
  17. Released   Kit's Persecution, The Backstory by Chris Perley, 31 January 2000
  18. Released   Labour continues to tell only half the truth over Timberlands by Chris Perley, 4 February 2000
  19. Released   Op-Ed article - Sustainable beech harvest gets the chop: a well-meaning step backwards for conservation? by Dr Henrik Moller, 3 January 2000
  20. Released   Open letter - Logging banning compared with improvements in practices - where is the future? by Chris Perley, 20 June 2000
  21. Released   Press Release: at IUCN and other fora, New Zealand Conservationists are rejected internationally; by Brian Swale, 15 July 2000
  22. Released   Press Release: e-mail quote The need for a new environmentalism that is solution orientated; by Chris Perley, 14 July 2000
  23. Released   Press Release: from Hon Sandra Lee, Minister of Conservation Independent Panel will review future of Timberlands West Coast's areas of native forest; by Chris Holm, 24 July 2000
  24. Release to MP's   Media Release: from Minister of Forestry's office (Graeme Speden) The West Coast's axed beech scheme is leading a few people to "extremism". Response to statement from the Minister of Forestry's office, from Chris Perley. 23 Feb 2000
  25. Press Release   Press Release: New Zealand National Party; National Conservation Spokesperson Government (Department of Conservation) snubs meritorious environmental award being made to Timberlands West Coast. by National Conservation Spokesperson Eric Roy . 2 August 2000
  26. Press Release   Press Release: by Roger May, Forestry and Landscape Ecology Consultant and campaigner for sustainable forest management Appointment and proposed operations of the "independent" panel to review the future of Timberlands West Coast forest land are severely flawed and must be reviewed 19 August 2000
  27. Press Release, seen in Scoop   Press Release: by Brian Swale, campaigner for sustainable forest management New Zealand Government's indigenous forest preservationist policy fails to include people in environmental conservation. IUCN resolution shows the way. 3 November 2000
  28. Press Release, seen in Scoop   Press Release: by Brian Swale, campaigner for sustainable forest management New Zealand Government sales of State Assets continue despite policy to contrary. Covert government actions call into question the integrity of the present Labour Government. 16 July 2001

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