Clearly under the influence of preservationist extremists such as Forest and Bird and NFA, the New Zealand Department of Conservation Director-General and also their West Coast Regional Conservator, boycotted a ceremony where Timberlands West Coast Limited was awarded a "Most Meritorious Project" award, and the Minister of Conservation, MP Sandra Lee, agreed with them. The award was made in unanimous decisions by the West Coast Tai Poutini Conservation Board and the West Coast Regional Council. This boycott is a blindly dogmatic response in pseudo-political correctness to suit extreme Green ideology, and reveals an appalling blindspot in judgement of the ecological worth of sustainable forest management.

Government snubs award to Timberlands, New Zealand.

Wednesday 2nd August 2000, 5:15 pm.

Press Release: New Zealand National Party; by Eric Roy, National Conservation Spokesperson

Government snubs award to Timberlands West Coast Limited.

Press Release: New Zealand National Party - Eric Roy - 2 August 2000

Government snubs award to Timberlands

"It is appalling that the Government has smugly condoned a DOC decision to boycott an environmental award which acknowledged the merits of sustainable rimu logging," National's Conservation Spokesperson Eric Roy said today.

"In Parliament today Conservation Minister Sandra Lee confirmed that the Director General of Conservation and the West Coast regional conservator blacklisted the awards - a decision Ms Lee said she supports.

"The boycott was decreed when DOC staff discovered Timberlands had won a "Most Meritorious Project" award for its sustainable rimu logging in the Saltwater and Okarito forests on the West Coast.

"Judges from the West Coast Tai Poutini Conservation Board and the West Coast Regional Council had unanimously agreed on the award.

"It's outrageous that the head of DOC is doing backflips simply to ingratiate himself with Ms Lee and her anti-logging colleagues.

"From day one this Government has approached the issue of West Coast logging from a purely ideological standpoint, aimed at winning over the Green vote.

"Now, when awards recognising 'ecological worth' pay tribute to Timberlands, this Government tries to pretend it never happened. It's a case of 'There are none so blind as those who will not see'.

"The Government isn't fooling anyone with this childish ruse," Eric Roy said. "Pretending that sustainable logging doesn't work won't make the facts go away."

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