Mostly links to search engines.

Firstly, an excellent FTP site (the best?), then links to search engines, and a security site.        Click on an image or red text to get the connection.

- Northern Lights Search Engine A good English-language search engine. See Google and Savvy Search also.
- Ask Jeeves Very good for any published articles and papers. Uses other Search engines. Was in my TOP THREE preferences, but the five or so search engines it uses seem to hold data for only a short time. From early 2000, performance has lost significant quality; using fewer search engines than formerly. See Google and SavvySearch below too.
- Anzwers A search engine specifically for New Zealand and Australia. Was in my top three preferences, challenging Northern Lights. At 20 May 2000, has come back again with another URL. Useful, probably still building up database as there are huge gaps. Very slow server, and the search engine doesn't seem quick either..
To find people in New Zealand, Australia, or elsewhere, use these links:    NZ,    Australia,    some of the world, and   all of the world

To find the time right NOW at another place in the world, Click here       More search engines are below!    Currency Exchange here.

- Google As at April 2000, seems to have indexed very thoroughly. With Google, if you wish to use your search parameters at other search engines, Google automatically feeds your queries to ... Altavista | Deja | eGroups | Excite | HotBot | Infoseek | Lycos | Open Directory | Yahoo ...
- Savvy Search - justly well-renowned.
- GoEureka. A fairly new Australian search engine that seems to have very thoroughly searched and indexed; and fast as well. Choose from NZ, Aust, or the world, and between languages.
| - 800go, | - All the Web, | - Direct Hit, | Three other USA search engines I don't have much experience with yet.
- Albany net. Perhaps the most comprehensive general search engine available without resorting to particular programs such as WebFerret to combine the efforts of several search engines. Provides access to scores of Search engines.
- Webwombat. Has a strong Australian commercial slant. Database has huge deficiencies; certainly gaping gaps in NZ content. No obvious means for URL submission. Fast search but very slow server.
- SearchNZ New Zealand's leading search engine (that's their claim), but really pretty limited and picky about which sites indexed by it, and that's a real handicap. Seems to be strongly moderated (censored), and probably quite a small database. Google, Savvy Search and Northern Lights are more likely to yield better success for New Zealand queries.
- The Altavista Search engine.
- America OnLine Search Engine.
- Highway 61 Uses several engines with other databases.
- OpenText Search Engine
- SwitchBoard
- HotBot - excellent and fast.
- Dogpile An American search engine that seems to concentrate on commerce, and uses some unexpected sources of help.
- Excite.
- Infoseek.
- Lokace, a premier French Search Engine.
- S.C.A.G. Southern California Association of Governments, a great collection of search links.
- Cardiff University's list of Search Engines.

- Argus Clearinghouse. Not so much a search engine as a well-organised hierarchical set of links to various topics.

Now, a link to my favourite encryption program.

This one was developed in Auckland, New Zealand, is extremely powerful, doesn't cost the earth, and is not subject to the USA controls that limit the export and use of encryption developed in the USA. WELCOME to RPK Invisimail! - RPK Invisimail - excellent and fast.

          Brian (Bart) Simpson has a page with lots of interesting Scots sites; take a look!
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