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The European style of expansionism and wealth accumulation.

Two or three principles underpin USA action, and to some degree the actions of other countries. These are:-
  1. Regardless of what laws are passed, the Administration is to see to it that the rich and powerful are the beneficiaries of government action, and the common person is to provide the funds or sacrifice (or both).
  2. Government is to proclaim to the public, and to persuade it, that democracy is alive and well, and that they are the beneficiaries (meantime carrying out (1) above)
  3. Following the teaching of the Chicago School of Economics, money and the private business management of it always results in the best outcomes for the nation. This is stated as a "given", and the countless examples that demonstrate otherwise are promoted as actually being the exceptions that prove the rule.
What I have on these pages will probably be seen as being negative, one-sided, and displaying only (mostly) bad examples in relation to countries and organisations.

This is deliberate, for the following reasons;
  • Any good information has already been released by the country or organisation concerned. Often it will have been in order to put (jargon) a positive spin on some event so as to create a favourable opinion about the country etc. In other words, used as propaganda.
  • Any good information will have been released also in order to hide, or draw attention away from, any negative side of whatever the event is.
  • Since the negative side of these events has usually been well hidden from public view, it needs a little extra nudge now to bring it out in the open. Positive discrimination, in the news arena.
  • In my opinion, the bads of the negative sides seem often to be greater in magnitude that any associated "goods" (good aspects).
  • The bad events have usually come about in the process of a powerful entity using power to grab more wealth and control for itself, and to deprive the weak entity of power, resources, democratic process, and self-enabling means. Bullying, in other words; and usually hidden bullying. It so happens I hate bullies, liars and cheats. Since I am writing these pages, I decide on the emphasis.

Microsoft as an example of national behaviour - and Bill Gates' reaction to Linux and Open Source software in the marketplace.

United Nations as a victim (click)

United States of America

Great Britain

The Netherlands




East Timor


APEC (Asia - Pacific Economic Council)

GATT (General Agreements on Tariffs and Trade)

Uruguay Round

WTO (World Trade Organisation) ("World Terrorist Organisation" as some have it)

Examples of USA meddling, mayhem and murder.
  • USA citizens and peoples themselves
  • Mexico
  • Costa Rica
  • Guatemala
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama
  • Haiti
  • Cuba
  • Dominican Republic
  • Grenada
  • Venezuela
  • Ecuador
  • Colombia
  • Chile
  • Brazil
  • Italy
  • Israel
  • Libya
  • Congo
  • Angola
  • Sudan
  • Mozambique
  • Iraq
  • Iran
  • Afghanistan
  • Kuwait
  • The Kurds
  • India
  • Japan
  • Indonesia
  • East Timor
  • Kosovo
I have probably missed some.

New Zealand.

New Zealand as a victim (click)

The United Nations.

I have been aware for some years that the USA is very much in arrears in its contribution to the United Nations. I understand that at the present moment (October 2001) the arrears amount to about $US 2.3 billion (= 2.3 thousand million) dollars.

What I have not been aware of until now, is the extent to which the USA has covertly sabotaged, hampered, and stymied the work of the United Nations.

The reasons it has behaved this way include that; actions by the UN to encourage democracy and self-sufficiency in "third-world" countries and poorer countries, run counter to the concepts held in the USA by big business and Politically Correct (PC) politicians. These are that the USA and only the USA shall decide what direction power-shifts including development of democracy shall take place; that certain continents and countries shall always be kept weak and used as the suppliers of resources for the USA and its companies.

Here's some of what Noam Chomsky has written on the topic.

From "Year 501 - the Conquest continues." South End Press ISBN 0-89608-444-2. (Paperback, 1992). Page 53.     .... .... ....

"In earlier years, the non-aligned countries had sought to gain some control over their fate. Initiatives were taken through UNCTAD (the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) to create a "new economic order" with support and stabilisation programs for primary commodities."     "UNESCO undertook parallel efforts to provide Third World countries with access to international communications, a virtual monopoly of the advanced industrial societies."

"These initiatives naturally elicited enormous hostility on the part of the world rulers, and were turned back decisively in the 1980's. The US led a fierce attack on the United Nations that effectively eliminated it as an independent force in World Affairs."

"The demolition operation and the return of the UN to US control have been lauded here (he means 'in the USA') as a restoration of the ideals of the founders, not without justice. "

Extraordinary deceit has been required to conceal the fact that it has been primarily the US, secondarily Britain, that have vetoed Security Council resolutions and generally undermined the UN for over (updated) 30 years, and to sustain the standard pretense that "Soviet obstructionism" and "shrill Third-World anti-Americanism" are what rendered the UN ineffective."

"The no less extraordinary levels of deceit that accompanied the government media campaign to eliminate UNESCO heresies are documented in an important study, which, needless to say, had no effect whatsoever on the flow of necessary lies". (Preston - "Hope & Folly")

Chomsky is using the term 'heresies' here with the meaning that the ethics and action of UN and UNESCO do not follow the line prescribed by USA planners and politicians for the World and the USA, which is that world business must be controlled for the sole benefit of the USA and in particular the wealthy industrialists of the USA.     Thus in promoting democracy among the populace, economic self-reliance, and self-sufficiency in and for third-world countries, UNESCO has committed a serious heresy against US doctrines of how the world order should be.

The UN and UNESCO have been savagely punished by the USA for this.

New Zealand.