Checklist of World Ferns

Welcome to the World of Ferns.

This page is the portal to web-pages listing all the species of fern-allies and ferns of the world.

Histiopteris incisa young crook
Histiopteris incisa, young frond.
By Michael Hassler (Germany) and Brian Swale (NZ).

We have drawn together information from a multitude of sources to create an internet presentation of facts about these interesting plants. It is not going too far to say that we find ferns and fern-allies exciting. The internet makes it possible to share our enthusiasm and knowledge in a way that was just a dream ten years ago. As at 11 November 2001, the updated set was all coded into html. 8.27 MB of it.

Judging by the volume of downloads, many people made use of these pages, so the original purpose was achieved. These downloads cost more than I can afford, so there is a change in plan.
For a while, most completed genus pages will not be available on-line from this site. Some will, so that visitors can what information is available. A minimised set of data for each of the other genera (species name and authority only) is available on-line.

The full data-set is available on CDROM, ordered directly from Brian. Details at cdrom.htm

The CDROM does not contain images of ferns at this time (March 2003).

If you wish, you may contact me now.

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Note however, that from 25 June 2002, the old series of genus pages is not available.