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Histiopteris incisa young crook
Histiopteris incisa, young frond.

        ISBN 0-473-09574-2
By Michael Hassler (Germany) and Brian Swale (NZ).

To judge by the volume of downloads, many people made use of the pages I uploaded and so the original purpose was achieved.

The full data-set with all genera and all species listed, synonyms and their literature references, as well as geographical distribution of each species (where known) are now available on CDROM, ordered directly from Brian.
The price is $NZ 70 plus packing and postage of $4, total $NZ 74.00

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This CDROM is a valuable and authoritative resource for all students of ferns, academics, researchers, and fern lovers and collectors. It is equivalent to a major reference book. To my knowledge there is nothing approaching it for completeness of such fern / pteridophyte information available anywhere else at this time.

If you wish, you may contact me now.

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