A resource unrivalled in completeness of coverage.

  329 genera and hybrid-genera of ferns and fern-allies - all of them, are listed

  About 12,800 species are listed - all those known in the reviewed literature.
  Information provided includes:
  • Classes, orders and families,
  • Currently authorised name for each species,
  • Synonyms (other names the species has been known by),
  • Common names,
  • Literature citations for names,
  • Geographic distribution world-wide, often by state or district,
  • The full list (large) of literature consulted,
  • World fern statistics by country and region, giving land area, species count, endemism, fern knowledge status, and listing major reference works and checklists.
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This resource is a world-first for pteridophytes in terms of species and geographic coverage.
Computer requirements
A Personal Computer running Windows '95 or above, and a CDROM drive.