Family Phylloglossaceae, genus Phylloglossum ;
world species list.

By Michael Hassler and Brian Swale.      

A list of the species of the genus Phylloglossum, giving current name, authority, synonyms, published references, geographic distribution and (sometimes) illustrations.
Please note: an asterisk * in the distribution list means that the species is exotic to the country named.

001.00 Class Lycopsida Trivial names: Lycophytes, club-mosses. Statistics: 3 orders, 3 families, 6 genera, 1313 spp. [1321 species and 28 hybrids listed] 001.000 Order Lycopodiales Statistics: 1 family, 483 spp. [487 species and 12 hybrids listed] 001.0000 Family Lycopodiaceae Beauv. ex Mirb.; Hist. Nat. Veg. (Lam. & Mirb.) 4: 293 (1802) Trivial names: Bärlappgewächse Statistics: 4 genera, 483 spp. [487 species and 12 hybrids listed] = Huperziaceae Rothm.; Fedde Repert. 66: 236 (1962) [nom. nov. = Urostachyaceae Rothm.; Fedde Repert. 54: 58 (1944) [nom. illeg. = Phylloglossaceae Kze.; Bot. Zeit. 1: 722 (1843) 001.0003 Phylloglossum Kunze; Bot. Z. 1: 721 (1843) Statistics: 1 sp. Australia, New Zealand [1 species listed] Revision date: 20.07.2001 Phylloglossum drummondii Kunze; Botanische Zeitung. Berlin 1: 721-723 (1843) Distribution [complete]: SW-Western Australia, S-South Australia, Victoria, NE-Tasmania, New Zealand (North Isl.) = Lycopodium sanguisorba Spring; Mon. Lycop. 2, 36 (1848) Whole plant image may be Here (click), courtesy ANBG The use of this image for non-commercial web sites is permitted. Credit is given to the Australian National Botanic Gardens - view their copyright notice at
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For each species, information on its distribution by country and sometimes by province, region or state within a country; conservation status (where applicable), and all synonyms with publishing source (other latin names by which the species has been known) that we could find, and where applicable whether or not the given name has been verified; are available on the CDROM version of this page.

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