Family Drynariaceae, genus Selliguea;
world species list.

By Michael Hassler and Brian Swale.      

A list of the species of the genus Selliguea, giving current name, authority, synonyms, published references, geographic distribution and (sometimes) illustrations.
Please note: an asterisk * in the distribution list means that the species is exotic to the country named.

005.00 Class Filicopsida
		Trivial names: Ferns, varens, helechos, fougeres, farnkraut.
		Statistics: 15 orders, 53 families, 310 genera, 9300-10700 species 
		[11501 species and 454 hybrids listed.
050.000 Order Polypodiales
		Statistics: 9 families, 82 genera, 1996-2140 spp. 
		(2293 species and 31 hybrids listed]
		= Order Davalliales
054.0000 Family Drynariaceae Ching; Acta Phytotax. Sin. 16: 1-37 (1978)
		Statistics: 16 genera, 347-370 spp. 
		[444 species and 4 hybrids listed]
		Revision date: 20.07.2001
		Remarks: according to PCR results Polypodiaceae s. lat. is polyphyletic. 
		There are two choices: either include Grammitidaceae, Pleurosoriopsidaceae and 
		Loxogrammaceae in Polypodiaceae, or separate Drynariaceae as family. 
		It is not clear whether or not Drynariaceae is the correct family name.
		= Dipteridaceae subfam. Drynarioideae Crabbe; Jermy & Mickel, Fern Gaz. 11: 156 (1975)
		= Polypodiaceae tribus Drynarieae Subh.Chandra; Brenesia 18: 175 (1980) 
		[without latin descr. or type, et in Fern Gaz. 12(4): 226 (1982), with latin descr. and type
		= Polypodiaceae tribus Lemmaphylleae V.G.Tu; Novosti Sist. Vyssh. Rast. 18: 44 (1981)
		= Polypodiaceae tribus Microsoreae V.G.Tu; Novosti Sist. Vyssh. Rast. 18: 18 (1981)
054.0200 Tribus Selligueeae

054.0202 Selliguea Bory; Dict. Class. Hist. Nat. VI: 587 (1824) s. str. Statistics: 110-115 spp. Asia to Japan and New Guinea, 1 sp. South Africa, 1 Madagascar, mostly New Guinea [117 species listed]. Hovenkamp (1998) in Fl. Malesiana II/3 unites Crypsinus and Phymatopteris under Selliguea, and argues that they do not form natural groups within Selliguea. He gives new combinations for the Malesian and Pacific species only. Fraser-Jenkins (1997) keeps all three genera separate. Unification leads unfortunately to a multitude of new necessary combinations, especially for the old Phymatosorus, but the Chinese species are probably mostly invalid anyway. Revision date: 20.07.2001 = Crypsinopsis Pichi-Serm.; Webbia 31(1): 240 (1977) = Crypsinus Presl; Epim. Bot. 123 (1851) = Grammatopteridium Alderw.; Nova Guinea 11. 24 (1924) = Grammatopteris Alderw.; Bull. Buit. III. 4. 318 (1912) = Holcosorus Moore; Index Fil. XXIX (1857) = Oleandropsis Copeland; Univ. Calif. Publ. Bot. 18: 226 (1942) = Phymatopsis J. Smith; Hist. Fil. 104 (1875) [non Tulasne ex Trev. St. Léon = Phymatopteris Pic.-Ser.; Webbia 28: 460 (1973) = Pleuripteris C. Chr.; Dansk Bot. Ark. 6 no. 3. 76 (1929) = Pycnoloma C. Chr.; Dansk Bot. Ark. 6 no. 3. 76 (1929) Selliguea albicaula (Copel.) M.Kato & M.G.Price; Acta Phytotax. Geobot. 41(1-3): 72 (1990) Selliguea albidopaleata (Copel.) Parris; Parris, R.S.Beaman & Beaman, Pl. Mt. Kinabalu, 1. Ferns & Fern Allies: 151 (1992) Selliguea albidosquamata (Blume) Parris; Parris, R.S.Beaman & Beaman, Pl. Mt. Kinabalu, 1. Ferns & Fern Allies: 152 (1992) Selliguea albopes (C. Chr. & Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea archboldii Copel.; Journ. Arnold Arbor. 24: 442 (1943) Selliguea bakeri (Luerss.) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 90 (1998) Selliguea balbi Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 108 (1998) Selliguea banaensis (C. Chr.) comb. ined. Selliguea bellisquamata (C. Chr.) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 90 (1998) Selliguea bisulcata (Hook.) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 73 (1998) Selliguea brooksii (Alderw.) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 93 (1998) Selliguea caudiformis (Bl.) J. Sm.; Ferns br. and for. 97 (1866) Selliguea ceratophylla (Copel.) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 86 (1998) Selliguea chenkouensis (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea chinensis (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea chrysotricha (C. Chr.) comb. ined. Selliguea conjuncta (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea connexa (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea costulata (Ces.) Wagner & Grether; Univ. Calif. Publ. Bot. 23: 60. t.22 (1948) Selliguea craspedosora (Copel.) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 72 (1998) Selliguea crenatopinnata (C. B. Clarke) comb. ined. Selliguea cretifera (Alderw.) Ching; Sunyatsenia 5: 260 (1940) Selliguea cruciformis (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea cunea (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea dactylina (Christ) comb. ined. Selliguea dekockii (Alderw.) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 40 (1998) Selliguea digitata (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea ebenipes (Hook.) comb. ined. Selliguea echinospora (Tag.) comb. ined. Selliguea elmeri (Copel. in Perkins) Ching; Sunyatsenia 6: 260 (1940) Selliguea enervis (Cav.) Ching; Bull. Fan Mem. Inst. Biol. Bot. 10: 239 (1941) Selliguea engleri (Luerss.) comb. ined. Selliguea erythrocarpa (Mett. ex Kuhn) comb. ined. Selliguea feei Bory; Dict. class. 6: 588 (1824) Selliguea feeoides Copel.; Bishop Mus. Bull. 69. 17 (1929) Selliguea ferrea (Brause) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 43 (1998) Selliguea fukienensis (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea glauca (J.Sm. ex Brackenr.) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 56 (1998) Selliguea glaucopsis (Franchet) comb. ined. Selliguea gracilipes (Alderw.) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 83 (1998) Selliguea griffithiana (Hook.) comb. ined. Selliguea hainanensis (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea hastata (Thunb.) comb. ined. Selliguea hellwigii (Diels in K.Schum. & Laut.) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 82 (1998) Selliguea heterocarpa (Bl.) Bl.; Enum. addend. (1828) Selliguea hirsuta (Tag. & lwatsuki) comb. ined. Selliguea hirtella (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea hunyaensis (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea integerrima (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea katuii (Brownlie) comb. ined. Selliguea kingpingensis (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea kwangtungensis (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea laciniata (C. Presl) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 47 (1998) Selliguea lagunensis (Christ) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 55 (1998) Selliguea laipoensis (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea lancea (Ching & Wang) comb. ined. Selliguea lanceola (Mett.) E. Fourn.; Ann. sc. nat. V. 18: 280 (1873) Selliguea lateritia (Bak.) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 71 (1998) Selliguea lauterbachii (Alderw.) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 41 (1998) Selliguea likiangensis (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea majoensis (C. Chr.) comb. ined. Selliguea malacodon (Hook.) comb. ined. Selliguea metacoela (Alderw.) Parris; Parris, R.S.Beaman & Beaman, Pl. Mt. Kinabalu, 1. Ferns & Fern Allies: 152 (1992) Selliguea montana (Sledge) comb. ined. Selliguea murudensis (C. Chr.) Parris; Parris, R.S.Beaman & Beaman, Pl. Mt. Kinabalu, 1. Ferns & Fern Allies: 152 (1992) Selliguea neglecta (Bl.) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 88 (1998) Selliguea nigropaleacea (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea nigrovenia (Christ) comb. ined. Selliguea oblongifolia (S. K. Wu) comb. ined. Selliguea obtusa (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea omeiensis (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea oodes (Kunze) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 89 (1998) Selliguea oxyloba (Wallich ex Kunze) comb. ined. Selliguea palmatifida (Ching & P.S.Chiu) comb. ined. Selliguea pampylocarpa (Alderw.) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 87 (1998) Selliguea pellucidifolia (Hayata) comb. ined. Selliguea pianmaensis (W.M.Chu) comb. ined. Selliguea pingpienensis (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea plantaginea Brackenr.; Expl. Exp. 16: 58 (1854) Selliguea platyphylla (Swartz) Ching; Bull. Fan Mem. Inst. Biol. Bot. 10: 238 (1941) Selliguea pseudoacrosticha (Alderw.) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 94 (1998) Selliguea pyrolifolia (Goldm. in Meyen) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 58 (1998) Selliguea quasidivaricata (Hayata) comb. ined. Selliguea rhynchophylla (Hook.) comb. ined. Selliguea rigida (Hook.) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 92 (1998) Selliguea roseomarginata (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea rotunda (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea setacea (Copel.) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 92 (1998) Selliguea shandongensis (J.X.Li & C.Y. Wang) comb. ined. Selliguea shensiensis (Christ) comb. ined. Selliguea similis (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea simplicifolia (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea simplicissima (F.Muell.) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 61 (1998) Selliguea soridens (Hook.) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 65 (1998) Selliguea sri-ratu Hovenkamp; Blumea 41(1): 19 (1996) Selliguea stenophylla (Blume) Parris; Parris, R.S.Beaman & Beaman, Pl. Mt. Kinabalu, I. Ferns & Fern Allies: 151 (1992) Selliguea stenosquamis Hovenkamp; Blumea 33(2): 396 (1988) Selliguea stewartii (Bedd.) comb. ined. Selliguea suboxyloba (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea subsparsa (Bak.) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 80 (1998) Selliguea subtaeniata (Alderw.) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 80 (1998) Selliguea taeniata (Sw.) Parris; Parris, R.S.Beaman & Beaman, Pl. Mt. Kinabalu, 1. Ferns & Fern Allies: 152 (1992) Selliguea tafana (C. Chr.) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 36 (1998) Selliguea taiwanensis (Tag.) comb. ined. Selliguea tamdaoensis (V.N.Tu) comb. ined. Selliguea tarningensis (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea tenuipes (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea tibetana (Ching & S. K. Wu) comb. ined. Selliguea triloba (Houtt.) M.G.Price; Contr. Univ. Michigan Herb. 17: 276 (1990) Selliguea triquetra (Blume) Ching; Bull. Fan Mem. Inst. Biol. Bot. 10: 238 (1941) Selliguea violascens (Mett.) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 53 (1998) Selliguea waltonii (Ching) comb. ined. Selliguea whitfordii (Copel.) Hovenkamp; Blumea 43: 60 (1998) Selliguea wuliangshanensis (W.M.Chu) comb. ined. Selliguea wuyishanica (Ching & Shing) comb. ined. Selliguea yakuinsularis (Masam.) comb. ined. Selliguea yakushimensis (Makino) comb. ined.
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