Family Thelypteridaceae, genus Thelypteris;
world species list.

By Michael Hassler and Brian Swale.      

A list of the species of the genus Thelypteris, giving current name, authority, synonyms, published references, geographic distribution and (sometimes) illustrations.
Please note: an asterisk * in the distribution list means that the species is exotic to the country named.

005.00 Class Filicopsida
		Trivial names: Ferns, varens, helechos, fougeres, farnkraut.
		Statistics: 15 orders, 53 families, 310 genera, 9300-10700 species 
		[11501 species and 454 hybrids listed.
041.000 Order Athyriales
		Statistics: 6 families, 54 genera, 1782-2215 spp. [2362 species and 88 hybrids listed]
046.0000 Family Thelypteridaceae Pichi-Sermolli; Webbia 24: 711 (1970) 
		Statistics: 1-30 genera (depending on genus concept), 975-1217 spp. 
		[1271 species and 14 hybrids listed]
		Remarks: This Checklist follows closely the Index of Thelypteridaceae (Kew), 
		even if the necessary combination for the genus are not available.
		Revision date: 20.07.2001 
		= Aspidiaceae subfam. Thelypteridoideae (C. Chr.) C. Reed; Phytologia 17: 254 (1968)
		= Polypodiaceae tribe Thelypterideae C. Chr.

046.0001 Thelypteris Schmidel; Icon. Pl. (ed. Keller): 3rd page, t. xi text (1763) [s. str.] Trivial names: Lappenfarn Statistics: 15-19 spp. (s. str.) mostly tropical Asia, some in Africa, Europe, temperate Asia, Japan, few Hawaii, Mascarenes, Australia, New Zealand [19 species and 1 hybrid listed]. Several listed taxa may belong in other genera Revision date: 20.07.2001 = Asterochlaena C. Chr.; Biol. Arb. tilegn. Eng. Warming 84 (1911) = Hemestheum Newm.; Phytologist 4: append. 21: 1851 [non Lev. 1915, nom. superfl. Thelypteris binervata A. R. Sm.; Acta Bot. Venez. 14(3): 6 (1984) Thelypteris caudiculata (Sieber) C. Reed; Phytologia 17: 266 (1968) Thelypteris chrysoloba (Kaulf. ex Link) Ching; Bull. Fan Mem. Inst. Biol. Bot. 10: 251 (1941) Thelypteris clivalis A. R. Sm.; Fieldiana, Bot. 29: 45 (1992) [nom. nov. Thelypteris confluens (Thunb.) Morton; Contr. U.S. Nat. Herb 38 (1967) 71 Thelypteris connexa (Kuhn ex Baker) C. Reed; Phytologia 17: 268 (1968) Thelypteris exindusiata W.H.Wagner; Contr. Univ. Michigan Herb. 20: 245 (1995) Thelypteris grandis A. R. Sm.; Univ. Calif Publ. Bot. 59: 96 (1971) [nom. nov. Trivial names: Stately Maiden Fern var. pallescens (C. Chr.) A.R. Sm.; Univ. Calif. Publ. Bot. 59: 99 (1971) Thelypteris krayanensis K.lwats. & M.Kato; Acta Phytotax. Geobot. 34(4-6): 135 (1983) Thelypteris multijugis (Baker) C. Reed; Phytologia 17: 294 (1968) Thelypteris palustris (Salisb.) Schott; Gen. Fil. ad t. 10 (1834) ssp. palustris (Salisb.) Schott; Gen. Fil. ad t. 10 (1834) Trivial names: Sumpffarn, Marsh Fern ssp. pubescens (Lawson) Fraser-Jenkins; New Species Syndrome in Indian Pteridology and the Ferns of Nepal 280-281 (1997) Thelypteris peradenia A. R. Sm.; Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 77(2): 272 (1990) Thelypteris pilosissima Morton; Steyerm. & al. Fieldiana Bot. 28: 11 (1951) Thelypteris pinnata (C. Chr.) R. M. Tryon & A.F.Tryon; Rhodora 83(833): 136 (1981) Thelypteris prominula (Christ) C. Reed; Phytologia 17: 306 (1968) Thelypteris roraimensis (Baker) C. F. Reed; Phytologia 17: 310 (1968) Thelypteris subintegra (Baker) C. Reed; Phytologia 17: 317 (1968) Thelypteris tenebrica (Jenm.) Proctor; Bull. Inst. Jamaica Sc. Ser. 5: 65 (1953) Thelypteris tenerifrons (Christ) Ching; Bull. Fan Mem. Inst. Biol. Bot. 10: 254 (1941) Thelypteris x oligophylla (Maxon) Proctor; Bull. Inst. Jamaica Sc. Ser. 5: 62 (1953) Remarks: Thelypteris grandis x Thelypteris serra
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For each species, information on its distribution by country and sometimes by province, region or state within a country; conservation status (where applicable), and all synonyms with publishing source (other latin names by which the species has been known) that we could find, and where applicable whether or not the given name has been verified; are available on the CDROM version of this page.

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