Ferns I have in my garden and house.

(Exotic species are denoted with an asterix *).

Marattia salicina J.E.Smith
Todea barbara L. T. Moore
*Osmunda regalis L.
Adiantum aethiopicum L
*Adiantum capillus-veneris L.
Adiantum cunninghamii Hook.
Adiantum diaphanum Blume
Adiantum hispidulum Swartz
Cheilanthes distans (R.Br.) Mett
Cheilanthes humilis (Forst.f.) Green
*Doryopteris pedata var pedata (Willd.) Hicken
*Sphenomeris chinensis = Odontosoria chinensis (L.) J.Sm.
Lindsaea trichomanoides Dryand. ( was Lindsaea cuneata ( G. Forst.) C. Chr.)
Pellaea falcata (R.Br.) Fée
Pellaea rotundifolia (Forst.f.) Hook.
* Pellaea sagittata (Cav.) Link
*Pellaea sp. (Australian?)
Pteris comans Forst.f.
*Pteris cretica L.
Pteris macilenta A.Rich.
Pteris tremula R.Br.
*Pteris umbrosa R.Br.
Dicranopteris linearis (Burm.f.) L.Underw.
Anarthropteris lanceolata (Hook.f.) Pichi Serm
Phymatosorus diversifolius (Willd) Pichi Serm
Phymatosorus scandens (Forst.f.) Pichi Serm
*Cyathea australis (R. Br.) Domin.
*Cyathea cooperi (Hook. ex F. Muell.) Domin.
Cyathea dealbata (Forst.f.) Swartz
Cyathea medullaris (Forst.f.) Swartz
Cyathea smithii Hook. f.
Dicksonia squarrosa (Forst. f.) Swartz
Dicksonia fibrosa Colenso
Christella sp (geothermal areas fern) looks like Christella dentata (Forsskal) Brownsey et Jermy)
Cyclosorus interruptus (Willd.) H.Itô
Pneumatopteris pennigera (Forst.f.) Holttum
Loxoma cunninghamii R.Br.
Histiopteris incisa (Thunb.) J.Smith
Hypolepis ambigua (A.Rich.) Brownsey et Chinnock
Hypolepis dicksonioides (Endl.) Hook.
Hypolepis distans Hook.
Hypolepis millefolium Hook.
Hypolepis rufobarbata (Colenso) Wakef.
Paesia scabulera (A.Rich.) Kuhn
Pteridium esculentum (Forst.f.) Cockayne
Asplenium bulbiferum Forst.f.
Asplenium flabellifolium Cav.
Asplenium flaccidum Forst.f.
Asplenium hookerianum Colenso
Asplenium oblongifolium Colenso
Asplenium polyodon Forst.f.
Asplenium terrestresubsp. terrestre Brownsey
*Asplenium nidus L. (?)
Diplazium australe (R.Br.) Wakef.
*Arachniodes simplicior (Arachniodes aristata var 'Variegata' of trade)
*Cyrtomium falcatum(L.f.) C.Presl. ( Polystichum falcatum (L. f.) Diels)
*Cyrtomium macrophyllum (Makino) Tagawa (Polystichum macrophyllum (Makino) Tagawa )
*Dryopteris cycadina (Dryopteris atrata of trade)
*Dryopteris erythrosora (D.C. Eaton) Kuntze
*Dryopteris filix-mas (L.) Schott
*Dryopteris wallichiana
Lastreopsis glabella (Cunn.) Tindale
Lastreopsis microsora (Endl.) Tindale
Polystichum richardii (Hook.f.) J.Smith
Polystichum vestitum (Forst.f.) C.Presl.
*Davallia fejeensis
Nephrolepis sp. (Un-named fern from NZ geothermal warm areas)
Blechnum chambersi Tindale
Blechnum discolor (Forst.f.) Keys
Blechnum durum (T.Moore) C.Chr.
Blechnum filiforme (Cunn.) Ettingsh
Blechnum fluviatile (R.Br.) Salomon
*Blechnum gibbum (Lomaria gibbum of trade)
Blechnum novae-zelandiaeT.C.Chambers et P.A.Farrant
Blechnum penna-marinum ssp. alpina (R.Brown) T.C.Chambers et P.A.Farrant
Blechnum vulcanicum (Blume) Kuhn
Doodia media R.Br.
Doodia mollis Parris (Another treasure accidentally acquired)
Doodia squarrosa Colenso (A treasure accidentally acquired with D. media)
*Woodwardia radicans (L.) Sm
*Aglaeomorpha cv. Roberts
*Platycerium bifurcatum (Chr.) C.Chr.
*Polypodium vulgare L.
*Phlebodium aureum (L.) J. Sm.

Loxoma cunninghamii

Loxoma cunninghamii R.Br.
From Coromandel peninsula.

Blechnum durum

Blechnum durum (T.Moore) C.Chr. A commercial plant; its normal habitat is South Island coastal sites. A species that is undervalued at present; it looks startlingly neat and tidy, has crisp, almost lettuce-green fronds, and seems relatively hardy.

Nephrolepis sp.

Nephrolepis sp. (Un-named fern from geothermal warm areas near Rotorua.
Note the typical stilt-growth habit it adopts in some situations]

Pellaea trifoliataPellaea trifoliata

This is the fern that started all this!! The so-called Pellaea trifoliata.

The problem seems to now be solved. Dr A R Smith of University of California, a long-time researcher of ferns with considerable field experience, tells me that it is most probably Pellaea sagittata (Cav.) Link, widespread in Mexico and Andean South America.

Pellaea falcatum Asplenium oblongifolium

Pellaea falcata (R.Br.) Fée, a commercial plant.                     Asplenium oblongifolium Colenso, a young crook
                                                                                                on a plant relocated from the wild 20 years ago

Marattia salicina

Marattia salicina J.E.Smith, a commercial plant about 4 years old, still quite small, with a new frond.