Checklist of World Ferns.

Brian Swale B.Sc.(NZ), M.A.(Forestry)(Oxon)

References: and other notes.

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Distribution of ferns.

Information given in these pages on the distribution of ferns has come from the texts where I have access to them, information (if any) in the title where I have not, and from specific information in databases I have interrogated through the internet.

In the frequent case where several species are treated as synonyms and there are several names listed under the one preferred name, often some of the synonyms have associated information on the geographical distribution of plants to which that name has been applied. In such cases I have combined the location names of occurrence into one list.


I am in the process of learning a lot more detail about taxonomy.

It was my intention initially to avoid becoming too deeply involved in this process, but it has come clear to me that if these pages are to be of use to a wider audience, then I cannot duck the issue.

Because I have no access to the important specimens, have insufficient expertise, and too little time, I have to rely on the expert opinions of people who work in this field all the time; many bring a lifetime of careful, patient and conscientious work to the topic. I try to interpret the results of their work as accurately as I can, and am very grateful for their caring toil.

And I have just decided that this page is becoming too large, so to go to the separate page on taxonomy, Click here.


The first (botanic) name given to a plant is the basionym.   I have begun to underline these names where they are among the synonyms, as they often are. In such cases they are usually in another genus.

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