Here are some exciting New Zealand ferns to look at.

New Zealand has about 142 species of fern.

AND, lists of all the ferns and fern-allies of the World,
with their distribution and synonyms.
Blechnum durum - a four-year old commercial fern enjoying growing in my garden. Click here to read about world ferns and see some pictures.

The ferns I have at home are listed just here and there are some photos.

      Links: Links to interesting fern resources are Here

Stop Press. From 12 April 2001, a totally new set of pages was commenced.
By 20 July 2001, these had been completely revised, and the creation and uploading of what I think is a definitive sets of pages has begun.
As at 30 July, just the new list and navigation hub is available, linking to older genus files. These genus files will be replaced with the latest version progressively from the top.
(30th October, half of the 12,500 species on-line).
To see them, go to
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