Checklist of World Ferns.

Brian Swale
Blechnum cycadifolium (Colla) Sturm

 Blechnum cycadifolium (Colla) Sturm. Habit.

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A photograph taken by an unknown photographer at the Juan Fernandez Islands. It was in a series of pages about the Juan Fernandez Islands at the Los Angeles Museum and discarded no trace in 2001.

They noted:     "High ridge vegetation zone.
Blechnum cycadifolium, a short endemic tree-fern common on the high ridges.
The young leaves are especially attractive with their golden-brown velvety covering of hairs. When winds are high, as is often the case on the ridges, it is a treat to nestle down among the ferns for a short rest or snack, away from the direct force of the gusty breezes.".

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