This web-page comes from outer-space, New Zealand,

Christchurch, a city (of 400,000+ souls), on the eastern edge of a plain, beside the Pacific Ocean and the long extinct volcanos of Banks Peninsula.
The author, Brian Swale, lived in Christchurch for 31 years, the second time round. Then he moved 500 km south to Central Otago.

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Your site navigation guide is below. Come and visit some 'different' parts of the Mainland, and take a look at some things that interest me. You might even find some useful souvenirs to take with you.

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International Zuikoholic Equinoxial
and Solstice photographic print exchange site. Solstice

Local service and environmental organisations I belong to include:
  1. New Zealand Institute of Forestry.
  2. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Other links to my pages are ...
  1. Climate change information
  2. Passive houses - an important kind of housing for the future. Passive house design promises huge benefits to New Zealanders.
    Passive house use in New Zealand.

    Photolibrary at
"" Brian Swale Photography Canterbury New Zealand:
Galleries of New Zealand images,     New Zealand landscapes,
    Photographs of seascapes,     Central Otago photographs,     autumn photos, art photography, flowers,
snow scenes,  
forests, buildings, historical photos, New Zealand regional photographs.
For New Zealand Landscape photographs, Central Otago photos, and many other kinds, go to Brian's New Zealand photography site

- Brian has a good photo-library covering many topics.
      Images are available for hire or purchase. Please Contact Brian for details.
      Good links are
  •     Stock Photography Foto Search Stock Photos allows users to search from more than 90 quality stock photography vendors at one site. Find top quality photos, clipart pictures, royalty-free illustrations, royalty-free motion stock video clips, royalty free vector maps, and background clip art imagery.
  •     Ivan McLellan Hon FNZPPA photography links.
  •     TOPE     The Themed Olympus Photographic Exhibition, based in The Netherlands, and run by Olaf Greve, devoted to photographs taken using Olympus cameras, the contributors to which are mainly members of the international Zuikoholics group.
  •     International Zuikoholic Solstice photographic print exchange site. Solstice
  •     Olympus International Camera Exchange images Olympus Odyssey

    Sustainable beech forestry Sustainable beech forestry; from late 1999 into the year 2000, debate about
           managing the State Forests of lowland beech on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Here there are many of the papers intended for the aborted RMA Environmental Court hearing of the application by Timberlands West Coast Limited to manage the beech forests in their care in an environmentally caring, way. There are also Press Releases, letters to and from Ministers of the Crown, other important scientific papers, and links to related internet sites.

    Sustainable rimu forestry This used to be a fast link to the Timberlands West Coast Ltd pages on their sustainable management of rimu forests at Okarito and Saltwater forests in South Westland.

Timberlands have taken these pages down, since the previous Labour government, the prime shareholder, removed management of indigenous forests from their company goals and turned these great little forests over to preservation.
However, I have written a book about Okarito and Saltwater forests, based on their pages and with a story about Okarito village and the magnificant lagoon there.

This book is for sale. Read about it here. Even better, order a copy from me !!

    The West Coast Accord, transcribed from a copy of the original.

    Summary page on forestry in Westland and sustainable forest management.
                Was from TWC, now taken down.
    Sustainable beech forest management overview
                Was from TWC, now taken down.
    Sustainable beech forest management - Grey Working Circle.
                Was from TWC, now taken down.
    Sustainable beech forest management - Inangahua Working Circle.
                Was from TWC, now taken down.
    Sustainable beech forest management - Maruia Working Circle.
                Was from TWC, now taken down.
    Sustainable beech forest management - helicopter harvesting.
                Was from TWC, now taken down.

- Brian has been a keen grower and collector of ferns since he was knee-high to a grasshopper.
Follow the link especially to find out about ferns world-wide.
and a questions page here
and a fern-query directory here

An exciting new development (as at April 2011) is that the front page of the fern site has been translated into the Belorussian language and this translation is hosted on the site of the translators.
Front page hosted in Belorussia ! < Click here

- Here are some links to companies I have found to be good sellers of excellent music CDroms, and in some cases, vinyl long-playing records.
Kasp Records , street address 101 Station Road, Irvington Road, New York, 10533-2137, USA.
Run by pianist Donald Isler, who has begun re-issuing CDs of the piano playing of the renowned Swiss pianist Adrian Aeschbacher ( great Schubert exponent), as well as his own playing.
Buywell Just Classical Based in Perth, Western Australia. Excellent service, excellent prices including for postage, and have a great search engine on their site. Buywell e-mail
Claves Records , based in Thun, Switzerland. Claves produce really excellent recordings, using great recording engineers. Their on-line database contains only a part of their holdings, so if you can't find what you want, ask and you might be pleasantly surprised. They readily post, and the posting costs are not over the top.

    Search and security links - Especially useful searching links, and more.

   Links to "The New Zealand Economy." - pre-2000 news items and other information. Old now in 2004
                   . . . . . and developing.
Read about political processes and economic forces that don't get reported, and writers such as Noam Chomsky and John Pilger who have the astuteness and courage to expose what has gone on since Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue.

    Windows '95 hints. If you are as perplexed about some items as I have been you might find this developing page useful.

   Encryption and your computing privacy.
Here's a page about what you can do to enhance security in your computer, including e-mail encryption, on-board computer file and directory security, and security from the activities of people who may read your computer activity from outside the building you are operating from. These programs for the most part have their origin outside the US of A, and are not subject to the 'export' restrictions that apply to USA encryption material (unless re-exported).

    Motel accomodation -
If you visit Christchurch, you might consider staying at the motel built by my brother Ian and his (deceased) wife Glenda; giving typical Southland hospitality right alongside the city centre. It has excellent business facilities as well as everything you might expect of a five-star motel, which it is.

   Judo .
Here's a page about the club I once belonged to; CanAmJu, otherwise known as Canterbury Amateur Judo Inc. I like judo, so read about a favourite sport; a means of keeping fit and a reason to get fit in the first place.

   Genealogy;         NEW >     2006 Swale Family Reunion page.   < CLICK
information about the Swale and Cooper families who came to New Zealand in the 1850's.
Printed information is available, this is also being placed in a computer genealogy program, all for the benefit of extended family members.
Brasser family information can be found here tooBrasser Family Geneology

   Ski-ing in Canterbury - Ski-ing in Canterbury, especially at the amateur Club field of Broken River Ski Club, in Craigieburn Forest Park.

   Graeme Mason
- Graeme has followed many paths in his life, including, from an early age, geology.

      Several pages on forest matters.
  •    Addendum to presentation. - Leads to two pages relating to the paper I presented to the New Zealand Institute of Forestry AGM in May 1999, in Wellington.
  •     Unique forest design - Eyrewell, a Canterbury Plains exotic pine forest, sustained severe wind damage in the 1960's. Find out what was done after this disastrous gale to re-design the forest to counter the hazard of gales from the North-West.
  •    Mycorrhizae and other factors in establishment of Douglas fir plantations

    A list of 550 reference books on Freshwater Aquaculture, and their publishers.
- Freshwater Aquaculture is uncommon in New Zealand, and this page was put together to assist would-be fish-farmers find books to help them get on with their occupation.

   Health - From time to time news items and other sources of information become available, sometimes only for a short time. Some of these I have noted and collected here.

Comment? If you want,  contact me here.

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