Photography links with an emphasis on Olympus and Zuiko

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Zuikoholic web-pages: photo-galleries posted on the internet by (mainly) members of the Olympus (OM) group. And why should they be called Zuikohoic? Olympus lenses for the OM series have the designation "Zuiko".
Zuikoholic photo-galleries

(almost) All the New Zealand Web Sites you will Ever Want! -
PIPERS page of New Zealand Photography links

Olympus data from Taiga in Canada

INDEX - & Lens manuals and other manuals
OM Manuals

Zuiko com in the USA

Adorama Inc. in New York

KEH Camera Brokers - Olympus list

Andris Apse New Zealand Landscapes Photography (Linhof Technorama)
Andris Apse Landscapes

Andris Apse New Zealand Photography
Andris Apse

Big Cypress Gallery - - Clyde and Niki Butcher
Clyde Butcher

USA camera repair

Gary Reese's Zuiko lens tests
Gary Reece Zuiko

Gordon Roberts' Photography -
Wildlife, forests, outdoors and more in New Zealand and Australia.
Gordon Roberts

Hans van Veluwen's Portfolio and a link to the Olympus Webring. Very attractive site. (But many on this page are !)
Hans van Veluwen's portfolio pages || email ||

Hawkins' data on Zuiko multicoating. A page I found but didn't note the URL
Zuiko multicoating

Ivan's NZ Photographic Web site, Christchurch
Ivan's Christchurch site

Joe Cross' Pen FT Information Site - Features details and photographs of Olympus' half-frame SLR system.
Joe Cross Pen FT

Ebay.Consumerreview.Com - Olympus lenses
E-Bay Review

Large format lenses in shutters -
Large format lenses

Linhof Precision Cameras, the World famous Large Format Cameras

Nifty Japanese Olympus page

Photo and Video, Merivale Christchurch New Zealand
Photo & Video

Pro-gear in Auckland, New Zealand

Olympus Camera Information - Japan

Olympus Equipment
OM sales

Olympus Fans Page (Hong Kong)
OM fans HongKong

Olympus Instruction Manuals
Craig Camera for Manuals

Olympus Mailing List Archive (by Date)

Olympus Cameras on the Web - List of places that sell/trade Olympus camera equipment.
OM Sales sites

Olympus Documentation Archive - Unofficial collection of Olympus owner manuals in PDF
OM manuals

Olympus OM SLR FAQ, Wed Jun 21 15:04:19 EDT 2000
L Hawkins' pages

Olympus System lens tests - Zuiko and non-Zuiko lenses graded for vignetting and distortion.
Zuiko lens tests

Olympus Zuiko Lens tests
Zuiko lenses

Olympus OM System Reviews and Articles - Peterg Deakin AU
Peter G's resource

Olympus OM System, why not? - NG - good
OM News Group

Olympus OM Zuiko Lenses
Farrar's resource for OM

Japanese OM resource

Olympus Resources for Zuiko Lenses - Malaysia
Zuiko Lenses

OM resource
Lee Hawkins

Online Camera Database - williams photographic - Hasselblad
Hasselblad history

Popular Photography Inc
Pop Photo Magazine, New York

Product Listing - 35mm Lenses - B&H Photo - Zuiko
B&H NY OM lenses

R Lee Hawkins' Photography and Olympus FAQ's - Information, FAQ's and links about Olympus cameras and Zuiko lenses
Lee Hawkins' pages from another angle

Schneider Optics - Home
Schneider lenses

Secondhand 2ndhand photo NZ
NZ 2nd-hand gear

Sell,buy and trade-used cameras & lenses and more
Sell & buy

ShawGuides, Inc. | American Photo/Popular Photography Mentor Series
Shaw Guides

60 Years of Olympus Cameras.
60 years of OM

Sunflower images Scoop: New On-Line Photo Stock Library
Scoop images

The Camera Zone - Lenses

The Olympus discussion list - for talking Olympus and Zuiko
Discussion list

The sites on the Olympus ON WebRing
OM WebRing

The Unofficial Olympus OM Sales Information File
Excellent OM site from Canada

Tomokoy Yamamoto Jp

Unofficial On-Line Olympus OM Library - Peter Gilbert at Deakin
Peter Gilbert's pages

Unofficial Olympus Web Photo Gallery - Gallery of photographs submitted from many Olympus users.
OM Gallery

Used Olympus - Precision Camera Coy
Used OM

Used OM - Camtech NY
Camtech NY

Voigtlaender-Garantiert gute Fotos
Voigtlander photo

Wayne Fulton's hugely valuable site on scanning and the use of Photoshop

Wide Angle's Olympus Catalogue - NL
Wide Angle's OM, Netherlands

Hasselblad USA !

Zuiko - The Whole Sort Of General Mish Mash

Zuiko 50mm3.5 ADITL2_11
OM Macro 3.5

Zuiko ebay history
E-bay Zuiko history

Zuiko lens tests from years of MP - found on the net but URL not recorded
Zuiko tests - Austin TX