Photographer: Dean Hansen - Eastern Tailed Blue Butterflies
        Camera & lens: OM 50/3.5 on my OM4T and a 21mm extension ring.
        About the image: Just got a scanner on Thursday (3 days ago),
        and this is the first attempt with scanning a negative.
        About the subjects:   These are quite small butterflies--each is less than the size of my
        pointer fingernail.
        I found this pair and tried using an F280, T20, or natural light for about a dozen shots.
        The shots with a flash were unsatisfactory. Because I was shooting, changing flashes,
        changing f-stops, and chasing this pair from site to site, I didn't record exposure and aperture
        for each shot.
        This particular shot was with natural light; I believe it was f 5.6 or 8, at 1/60 (it was near sundown).
        Shot was hand-held.
Dean Hansen, all rights reserved.
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