Photographer: Ralf Loi - farming under difficulty - Lanzarote.
Equipment and film: Not detailed.
Lanzarote is a volcanic island, in which the activity is quite recent.
In the early 1700, years of eruptions destroyed a large part of the island.
Fortunately, on a particular terrain (I cannot explain right, but is like black sand) (scoria? ED), something can be cultivated.
It quite never rains, but this terrain is porous, and can retain humidity coming from the ocean transported with the wind that comes only from a particular direction.
So the farmers dig a little hole, build a (half) wall around the area and plant something,
grape, vegetables or even some fig trees as in the photo.
It is strange because of the wind the trees are large and not tall.
Larger image may be seen here Here 202kb
Ralf Loi, all rights reserved.
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