Weaving center, Pisaq, Peru.

Photographer: James McBride
Title: Weaving center, Pisaq, Peru.

This image was taken at a weaving center near Pisaq, Peru. This center recreates ancient patterns
of Inca and pre-Inca weavings. They go to great lengths to be accurate. Most of the women in this part
of Peru still wear their traditional clothing and it is very colorful. The men who work in the
cities have mostly adopted more western dress. I spent time with several different groups of descendents
of the ancient Inca and Imati people. They were very happy with their lives and seemed content even though
they had little in the way of physical things. Almost all people were smiling and were very pleasant to outsiders.
The political situation in Peru is much improved lately and the people seem to be thriving because of that.
We spent a little time in Copacabana, Bolivia and the people there seemed to be a little morose
but they were pleasant. Of course they realize the value of tourist income. We were traveling fast and light
so I only carried my little Olympus Stylus 400 and it worked flawlessly. There were some times I wished
for a full featured camera but was glad to not have the bulk and weight to deal with.

James McBride, all rights reserved. Contact the photographer and obtain permission first
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