Niagara Falls, Oregon, USA.

Photographer:Darin Rhein
Title: Niagara Falls, Oregon, USA.

This is Niagara Falls in the Coast Range of Oregon. This waterfall is at the end of an easy 1 mile hike
down into a canyon, past the less spectacular Pheasant Falls, to a picnic table near its base.
The stream takes a 115 ft. plunge over a basalt escarpment, at 15 ft. wide, the falls were named for
nearby Niagara Point, rather than its similarity (or lack thereof) to its eastern counterpart.
Though the stream does flow year-round, winter and early spring
are the best time of year to visit this waterfall.

The photo was taken with an OM-1 and Sigma 70-210mm zoom. Unfortunately, this photo is
a few years old, so I don't recall the details of the exposure and aperture used,
film was most likely Fuji Superia 100.

Darin Rhein, all rights reserved. Contact the photographer and obtain permission first
before using this image for any purpose.