Gas valve and injector mechanism for steam boiler.

Photographer: Daniel Sepke
Title: Gas valve and injector mechanism for steam boiler.

The subject of this image is a detail view from a pair of disused steam boilers at the boarding school
where I work and live. It shows the gas valve and injector mechanism at the base of the number 1 boiler.
I was unable to determine a maker or an exact date but the school had two of these installed side by side
in a dedicated building on campus. Originally coal fired but later converted to gas operation they were
removed from service circa 1969.
Both have been removed this year as part of a major renovation of the heating and cooling system on campus.
The image was taken with an E-1 and 50mm f2.0 DZ Macro (f8 with a 15 second exposure).
The print was done on Kodak Metallic Pearl paper.
That image is one of my favourites from last year. Taken in the early part of summer here in the
south USA, I got bitten by mosquitos in that building so badly that it took about a month for the bites to go down.
I am originally from England so the bugs think I am an extra tasty imported snack.

Daniel Sepke, all rights reserved. Contact the photographer and obtain permission first
before using this image for any purpose.