Photographer: Marc Simon
Title: le fidèle travailleur (the faithful worker)
This is an old tractor in my village used by somebody to collect wood in the forest for heating.
There is a lot of forest here as the name of the village is "Bois-de-Villers", so a lot of people go in the woods in winter to collect fire-wood for heating. By the way we even have now a factory in the village which makes wood stoves, it's called "Stuv" which sounds like "stove" in Walloon, our regional language ... but I digress; the subject is this old tractor. I see it each time I walk in this corner of the village and for me it appears like a "faithful" old machine. So I called it "le fidèle travailleur" and it has probably spent a lot of hours in the fields in his former life ... it's an old Massey Ferguson.
The picture was taken with my E-1 and the 50~200 Digital Zuiko at 123mm (equivalent to a 250mm in 24x36) at f/3.5 and 1/250th.
As I like this picture a lot, I've sent it to the exhibition "We are all photographers now !" in Lausanne
We are all photographers now
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