Kitchen window at Devon Bed and Breakfast.

Photographer: Brian Swale
Title: Kitchen window at Devon Bed and Breakfast.
Photo was taken on Christmas day 2006 after we had had dinner at a local hostelry.

A friend owns Devon Bed and Breakfast place in Armagh Street, Christchurch, New Zealand.
I walked into the kitchen, and the 2.30 mid-summer light gave this marvellous composition.
I had my E-1 + D Zuiko 14-45 (standard basic) lens with me, so I set the ISO at 1600; I forget the aperture,
but hand-held the shutter speed was 1/40 second. Image noise cleaned up with Neat Image.
Mildly sharpened in Irfanview which was used for the resizing process.
Some people who are in on a private joke will recognise the relevance of the highlighted words above!
Brian Swale, all rights reserved. Contact the photographer and obtain permission first
before using this image for any purpose.