The good ship 'Dana'; 2007, Denmark.

Photographer:Roger Key
Title: The good ship 'Dana'; 2007, Denmark.
Camera: Olympus E-1 DSLR.
Lens:D-Zuiko 18-180mm set at 180mm.
Film: N/A
Shutter speed: 1/400
Aperture used: f/9
Other: Hand-held

Picture shows the good ship 'Dana' (built 1934, capacity 60), on its way from Lake Lyngby
into Lake Bagsvaerd (pronounced Bowsvair), where I live on the other side of the lake close to one of its scheduled stops.
Dana is shown passing reputedly the most expensive house in Denmark (with black roof).
The community-owned company Baadfarten runs scheduled boat services in the summer months on the lakes on the northern outskirts of Copenhagen.
More information can be found at (unfortunately only in Danish).

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