Ferrara Balloons Festival; 2007, Italy.

Photographer:Ralf Loi
Title: Ferrara Balloons Festival; 2007, Italy.
Camera: Olympus OM4T SLR.
Lens:Zuiko 21/3.5
Film: Velvia
Shutter speed: N/A
Aperture used: N/A

Ferrara is a small but beautiful city in the north of Italy (it is in the Unesco list).
From some years ago at the end of September there is the Balloons Festival, with lot of balloons, normal and special shapes.
Speaking with people that drive them, I learned that balloons can fly only in the morning and at the evening, because at those times the air is quieter.
The photo was taken on Sunday morning at around 8 am, and there were very few people, so it was possible to shoot very easily.

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