Silhouette could be quite catching. 2007.

Title: Silhouette could be quite catching. 2007
Camera: Olympus e-10 DSLR.
Lens:DZuiko 9mm.
Film: Program mode
Shutter speed: N/A
Aperture used: f/4

Oly E10, ISO80, 9mm (35mm), f/4, Program mode.
At the Getty in Los Angeles this summer with two friends. Ian (outside, Canon digirebel shooter).
Nicoletta (Oly E510 user :D) started this rather dramatic way of opening the double doors
as the day wore on. Figured a silhouette would be quite catching, got ready to snap it next time.
Quite serendipitous actually. Further attempts never quite looked as good or natural.

Slight post-work (tried to level horizon, exposure, color balance, the usual)

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